3 tips to becoming Body Positive

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Firstly, let's establish this, being Body Positive is not simply being fat and loving it. It's not a celebration of obesity. It's not shoving your body in anyone's face and screaming "LOVE IT!!!!" It is so far from this. 

Mainstream society often takes anything that speaks to treating oneself with high regard in spite of your physical features as a cue to attack. 
It sends a strong and convincing message that it is impossible and downright wrong to love one's self at all stages of your journey. For you should only love yourself when you get to your final destination of perfection! 

The message though grossly incorrect is consistent. Perfection= Self Love

This equation that is touted by many especially the cheerleaders of diet culture is constantly reinforced to us. More so, if we are honest it has permeated the way we look at ourselves and affects us on many levels.

Truthfully, this equation could not be any further from the truth. In the voice of the great Maury Povich, "In the case of this messed up, ill-conceived, destructive equation it is 99.9 NOT the truth."

To love one's self is perfection. To love your journey and who you are at this very moment is perfection. 
To feel the joy of knowing you are more than a physical body is a perfection. 

So, this is not just about size. You may struggle with many things about your physical body. 
You may be a mom whose body is transitioning post-childbirth. You may be a teen who is now seeing the physical manifestations of puberty. You may be someone who may have lost a limb in an accident and is now trying to wrap their heads around their life in an altered body. You may be a young adult who is struggling with eating disorders, or simply anyone who wants to love the skin they are in a bit more. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that can take you to a higher place of body love and positivity! 

1- Stop beating up yourself. 

Hating yourself changes nothing. Hating yourself brings you no closer to your goals. It won't make you lose 20lbs or make the baby bulge disappear. It won't make the pimples and blackheads magically disappear. Hating yourself only magnifies what you are feeling. When you are beating yourself up, you begin the wormhole journey or identifying every justifiable reason why you should beat yourself up. You nitpick at all your "flaws" and draw all your attention to the "negative". 
Do yourself a gigantic favor and stop beating yourself. 

2- Stop comparing yourself to others 

Comparison is the theft of joy. Have you heard that before? I have heard the wise people of my culture say this many times. If you want to lose your joy then compare yourself to someone else. 
Firstly, everyone is on their own journey, and if you truly know what someone is experiencing you may jump for joy with the journey you are on. Embrace your body and your journey. 
Everything is right in its place at this very moment. Everything is right with you. Everything is beautiful with you.  Another person isn't living a more accurate life than yours, based on the limited things you see and know. No stop. This is about you. Beautiful you, in this beautiful body, occupying this beautiful space and in a beautiful place. No one can do you like you so compare no more!

3- Get into action!

Get up and get moving 
Set some goals and get your body grooving. Get into the action of achievement. Engage in any healthy activity that makes you feel great! Sports, Cooking, Socializing, Painting, Dancing, anything. Get your lovely body into that feel-good space and commit to doing it regularly. Loving your body embracing all of you. Your mind, your soul, and your physical body. Find activities that engage all of the above and watch yourself look at yourself differently. 

Affirm yourself! 

I am beautiful.
I am capable.
I am blessed with a beautiful physical body.
I am unique.
I am made to be different.
I enjoy my journey.
I embrace my journey. 
I love me. 
Everything is right with me. 

Here are some beautiful Trinbago women who are enjoying their journey in the skin they are in! 

Be Blessed! 

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