Facing Your Fear

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Many times when we are in the battle of facing our deepest fears and greatest challenges persons around us simply and casually say well trust God it will work out. 
Yes, God is the great conqueror, but tossing around the statement without diving into the true reasons behind the fear can be counterproductive. This is especially so for persons who do not have a close walk with God. Though powerful advice it may only go through one ear and out the other. 

In my life, I have faced many fears. Expanding my business, starting over from heartbreak, and even standing up for myself just to name a few. 
I know many persons will look at me and marvel that wow she so fearless but in actuality, I do get very fearful at times. Fear can become a constant beating drum that sits in the shadows of your mind, so that when you least expect it, it arrests your being, commanding all attention and taking complete possession. Then it returns to the shadows and repeats the cycle once again. Here's the catch though, it will only resurface if you allow it. 

Not until I had to conquer my fears did I understand the term "facing your fear." 

You have to face fear. You have to turn around and look it straight in its eyes. You cannot evade the issue hoping that fear will slither away like the snake that peeped out at you while hiking. 
This is not fear from an external threat, this is fear that is created by the hypothetical outcomes we create in our mind. We do not know the set outcome of anything yet we allow fear to cripple us into believing that the only outcome is to our detriment. 

Our negative self-talk turns up to an astronomical volume in your mind bus. 

So what can you do? 
How do you face your fear? How do you conquer the goliath of fear of your mind?
How do you become triumphant?

These tips I share with you all my tips to facing my fears. I hope you find them valuable and applicable to your life.

Tip 1 Know who you are

To know what something is you must know it inside out. You must know it's attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. Its capabilities and characteristics. Can you not say this about yourself? Can you say I know me? Can you look at your life and identify the powerful things about yourself?  And can you not hold on to these things? 

If this is a challenge, then let's take this a step further. It is good to know who you are in you, but it is powerful to know who you are to your Divine Creator. 

I am Christian so I often remind myself in fearful moments that I am the daughter of the Most High King! That is who I am. 

When I combine who I know I am with what I know my Divine Creator,  my Source, My God, My Father says about me then I know this fear has to go!!  

Tip 2 Faith 
Have you ever needed to check your email or message a friend on social media and you didn't have a wifi connection? Did you sit back or searched frantically for the nearest connection? 
The lack of wifi or any data connection can send us in a panic because we need to stay connected to everyone and everything. 

Faith operates the same way. Faith has the power to connect you to everything you need. In times of fear, you have to connect to your faith. You have to log in and sign on and hold on to the strongest connection you can find. 

But let's take it up a notch. If you stay connected in times of joy and happiness then your faith is already conquering fear for you. You won't have to frantically search for a connection when you are already connected. 
Stay logged on. The fear will come with your faith will rise up like a roaring lion!

Tip 3 Don't hide.... Stand!

If you are running, stop! 
If you are hiding, please come out into the light. 
If you are laying down, get up! 
Your challenge will not disappear by evading it. Fear does not just evaporate. 
Speak to it and let it know that it will not conquer you. 
You cannot forward run and speak backward. I know I can't. 
However, I know I can stand in the divine power God has given me and speak to my fear and let it know that you are no more. 
Visualize yourself as a lion and your situation as a mouse. The Lion does not run from the mouse. The lion does not scurry in a corner trembling in fear. The lion does not even blink twice at the mouse. 
Stand up you lionheart. This fear is but a mouse in your eyes! 

Tip 4 Affirm Yourself 

I am a thriver.
I am a conqueror. 
Everything is always working out for me. 
I am strong. 
I am powerful.
Nothing formed against me shall prosper.
Greatness is in me and for me.
Nothing will stop me.

I send you great blessings. 


  1. Point 1 stuck with me, so many of us out here do not know who we are. We're just swaying in the breeze, floating aimlessly with no sense of self. And they're never able to accomplish anything because of it. I've been there! It is a work in progress indeed.

    1. So very true. Often life can tumble us around because who do not know who we are. Definitely a journey.


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