Embracing the Pause: Wardrobe Edit

Thursday, 16 April 2020

As we watch and wait for the virus to pass over our land and the nations of the world let's admit it, we are bored!
There is only so much Netflix we can watch, only so much news we can listen too at a time and only so many times we can randomly wander around the house.

So if you are looking for something to do that is fun and probably necessary I have a great idea for you!!

Let's do a wardrobe edit!! Big words I know. But with all the extra time on our hands now may be the right time to clean out some of our old pieces.

Out with the old and in with the new yes?

Follow these simple tips to make this process both easy and fun.

Tip1-Frequently used pieces

Identify all the pieces that you constantly use and make then easily accessible.
Pieces that are your everyday items such as workwear, gym wear, etc. These are items that are always get worn part of your daily schedule.
Bring all these items to the most accessible part of your wardrobe. You don't want to have to fight to get to these items as they are your constant "go-to" pieces.
This section will also include casual pieces that you may often use on the weekends or when off of work or your main duties.
If you are a Closet Red shopper then you should have a number of pieces from our "Breezy Collection". Here is a good place to put those pieces.

Tip 2- Love Pieces

Identify the pieces that you LOVE!
Items that bring you joy, and are exciting and fun and screams who you are and how you love to look.
These pieces may have sentimental value or carry a high value. Whatever your reason for loving them you have to be absolutely sure it is a love and not like. The "like" items are sorted after the "love" items.
You must, without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely love these pieces.
Your love items have one condition though. They must be items that you use. Items that you love and never use such as a wedding dress can go into storage. However, items that you love and use will be placed in the love category.

Tip 3- Declutter 

To start the declutter process you first my be honest with yourself.
You have a take an honest look at your collection and identify:
a- the pieces that no longer fit
b- the pieces that are no longer match your lifestyle
c- the pieces that are no longer your style
d- the pieces that have not been worn recently.

For example, my lifestyle has changed. I have not been in the corporate world for years and thus my collection of suits is no longer needed. I now wear more relaxed and funky pieces to work. I have not worn a power suit in ages so it time for those pieces to be donated or tossed out.

Furthermore, we all have pieces that we have not worn in years that we are hoping to one day wear again. 10 years have passed and that one day is yet to come! So be honest! You have not worn it in years and it may no longer be your style or taste. Time to toss!

Tip 4- Donate vs Toss 

This is a simple hack to identify the pieces that you can donate and the pieces that need to be tossed out.

Great or Good condition
Gently worn

Worn out

My rule of thumb for identifying donate pieces or toss pieces is simple. I ask myself "Is this something I will accept myself?" How you answer this question will help decide what pieces go where.

These are my tips but you can make your own process or steps once the goal of editing and removing is clear.
Make it a game, try on the old pieces and see how they fit now. Get some feedback for your family, or make it a fashion show.

Just have fun.

Mzz. Red

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