Embracing the Pause

Monday, 30 March 2020

In the face of this global coronavirus crisis, we are bombarded by a continuous stream of information on our TVs, tablets and mobile phones.

We may find ourselves overcome by fear and anxiety.

Anxiety, our body's natural response to stress, can show itself in: loss of sleep, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, etc.

Anxiety is often silent. It makes no fanfare. It raises little alarm. It runs in the background like a computer processer.

Our world is on pause. Business places, schools, beaches, and parks are all closed. The hustle and bustle of life has hushed.

Our hectic daily schedules have slowed considerably and in some cases been brought to a complete halt.

But there is no need to hold our breaths. Here are a few ways we can exhale while embracing this quiet time in our life.

We may be stuck inside but we can still think outside the box.

Ohh we made a video on this topic!! Check it out!



For your mental health, I would strongly encourage that you unplug. Disconnect from all media platforms. The bombardment of information on the virus can be overwhelming, which will increase anxiety. Shift your attention to information that brings you joy and peace from time to time.


Now is the perfect time to focus on self-care. All the great things that you have been longing to do when the hours of the day were scarce.  Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Workouts, and Reading are all simple but pleasurable ways of caring for your self at this time. Any activity that you can love on yourself a bit more is encouraged.  You can extend this care to your family members as well. Give your kids or spouse a pedicure or facial. I am sure they will enjoy being loved on.


Come back to the center and reconnect with our source of life and yourself.  As you pause, take this time to reach out to your inner being. The creator of your life, love, joy, and peace. The being within you that is your ally at all times.
Additionally, declutter your mind as you center yourself. Pause and remember the things you truly love about yourself. Your musical talents, your singing ability, your culinary skills or even your organizational skills. The things within you that you are most proud of. The things that make you who you are. Your passions, your desires, and your energizers. Being enthralled in the things you do can distance you from who you are. Now is the perfect time to center yourself.


How many times have we said we do not have enough time? Too many times to count yes?
The commitments of life can sometimes distract us from the people and things that bring us joy.
Your family can be a great source of joy at this time. Playing family games, cooking together, baking together or watching movies are great activities to bring you closer to your family at this time.
This pause allows you to embrace your family, enjoying the personalities and uniqueness of those around you.


With a calm world and a clearer mind, you can take the opportunity to look at your landscape, and identify opportunities you may have missed in your normal day to day life.  Be it career or personal there may be an opportunity for you to pursue.
At Closet Red we are using this moment to remind ourselves of who we are and what we do.  As such, when the world returns to normal as it will, we are able to serve your customers better than we did before.

We are going to make it through to see a brighter tomorrow. We will survive and subsequently thrive when this is all over. All will be well with our nation and our world. 


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