Silver Lining

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Corona is now a worldwide pandemic and it is not business as usual. 
My country has been placed on limitations. Schools are out, businesses are and closed and social distancing is in full effect. 
There is a heaviness over my nation as we watch the management of the local cases, while we keep a close eye and on how the rest of the world is responding to this unforgiving nondiscriminating virus. 

For those who are adversely affected like me, this can be a sad time. I am currently out of a relationship so no quarantine boo. I am a business owner so staff is home and days are quiet, and I live alone so family bonding is limited. This is what is current but this is not my whole truth. 

My truth is...
I am at a beautiful place, learning many things about myself and embracing the journey I am on. The journey to the destination. 
I have a great opportunity to rest, because as an entrepreneur rest feels like a distanced cousin. More so, I have an opportunity to dive deep into my business and take a closer look at who we are and what we do. 
I am constantly in contact with my friends and family through multiple platforms so I am always in great company. Technology is bae!

My truth has brought me closer to friends I have not been in contact with for years, take that social distancing. It has given me a greater sense of peace, as my world has slowed down in some regard but still is very active and vibrant in others. It has brought me closer to my source, my inner being who is my most important co-creator in my life.  


Living my life like's is golden? 
Yes! Knowing that golden is a journey. I am believing it before I see it! 

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