My top 5 Closet must haves for 2020!

Monday, 20 January 2020

2020 is here and it has started off with a bang!! 
I had the wonderful opportunity of guiding a short segment on the top things you need in your Closet for 2020 on the Now Morning show on TTT with one of my all-time favourite people Lisa Wickham. 
Lisa being the gem that she is jumped right into all I had to share! 

And as such,  for 2020, you need to mix the classics with the contemporary and build a collection that gives you options to be versatile, as well as timeless.
Of course, all pieces highlighted were from my boutique Closet Red Plus Size Boutique, but the tips are non-size specific.  All of my expert fashion advice can we used for any woman of any size and even any age because fashion is knows no bounds. 

For 2020 you need these 5 wardrobe-essentials.

1. Something Classic 

The little black dress or LBD will never ever EVER go out of style. It will take you from day to night, cocktail to formal and cute to sexy without much effort. Black is always flattering and helps to hide your concerned areas, especially on those days where you are just not feeling to wear shapewear. However, the fit is most important: not because the outfit is black will it automatically work! Fit is always the most important thing in wearing any garment of any colour, so ensure that the garment fits your size first! 

Something Classic Extended 

If you can only afford to add one garment to your fashion collection this year, then let it be a great fitting pair of jeans!! 
This is the ultimate classic item! A great fitting pair of jeans will change your world. Distressed or not, you just need that pair of jeans that, when worn, it boosts your sexy and your booty!!
Currently, my booty boosting jeans is my classic high-waisted bell-bottom jeans. I am pretty unstoppable when wearing these jeans. Look out world, here I come! 

2. Something Easy

I believe in easy clothing. Fashion does not always have to be stuffy and exessive. Sometimes effortless is elegant and very fashion-savvy. For 2020, you definitely need some pieces that are easy to wear. I like to call them "Throw on and go" clothing. You can take them from the office to a quick stop at the supermarket.....EASY!! Solid or print, once it is flowing and requires nothing more than putting it on, I am in!!! 

3 Something Trendy 

Jumpsuits are timeless but ALWAYS trendy. Throughout the major fashion decades, jumpsuits were always present in fashion catalogues. As decades come and go, what makes jumpsuits trendy is the use of different fabrics, prints and colours. If you are looking for something on-trend to add to your collection in 2020, then get a great fitting jumper. However, I must advise that jumpers are not one size fit all. Different cuts complement different body types, which is an entirely different conversation that we will have soon. 

4 Something Funky 

This is the addition that you splurge on! This is the garment that screams your personality and is one of your favourite pieces to wear. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on this piece, as this is your fun and exciting 2020 wardrobe addition. The risk, the eye-catcher, the garment that no one expected you to wear so impressively. My advice would be to take your time and select that perfect piece. It can be a designer dress, or fun floral suit or the most beautiful trench you have ever seen. If it screams you, then GET IT!! If accessories are your thing, then your something funky can be a local handmade necklace. It doesn't matter if it is clothing, shoes or jewellery,  just get something special. 

5 Something Sparkly 

There are the occasions where you need to dazzle, so you should ensure that you have something sparkly in your closet. Truthfully, this is the dress that you wear once a year or even less but the goal of the piece is that when you do wear it, darling, you show up and show out! You SPARKLE! 
In the sparkle category, you do have a few options. You can go for sequins, glitter or even metallics. This choice is yours based on your preference and style, and it can be a cocktail dress or gown, jumper, top or pants. Everyone woman deserves a little sparkle in their life. 


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