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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

It blows my mind to think of my evolution in the plus size industry in my country. I must admit that I have had a very successful career but moving beyond a model to now a trained practitioner makes me just wiggle.

How do I describe what it feels like?

I feel elated, elated because now I am armed with even more tools to make a difference in the lives of not just my customers but any person at any stage of their journey with their body be it female or male or child or adult.

I feel motivated, motivated that those around me do not have to suffer in silence. That they can want more for their lives and I can assist when with actualizing this more. Motivated that the joy and beauty of loving yourself and enjoying your life can be channelled through me.

I feel determined. Determined that my skills will make a difference in my community and society at large. That I will not just rest on these skills but I will use them for the upliftment of country and God would desire me to do.

I feel honoured. Honoured that God has led my journey here. To who much is given much is expected. I do not take this lightly. To be able to pour into the hearts of anyone is an honour and privilege and I am thankful for such opportunities.

Outfit Details
Pants and Brooch- Closet Red Plus Size Boutique

Article featured in Issue #6 of Fashion Focus Magazine- Trinidad and Tobago

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