I am a Carnival Body

Thursday, 20 June 2019

What is Trinidad and Tobago Carnival without gorgeous costumes, amazing soca music and woman?

It was once said that Carnival is woman. Mas bands go above and beyond to create designs that highlight the female body in all her splendour and glory as she parades the streets of Port of Spain for two days.

Over the years costumes have gotten more and more daring. Wire bras being favoured over regular bras, thongs and itsy bitsy underwear as opposed to hot short or bikini bottoms and monokinis... what are those?

While this is great, where does the fuller figured woman fit in in all of these changes? How is her body type and shape that requires a little more fabric being accommodated in all these new daring designs? Are we being considered at all? While we may not be present on paper we are very present on the road.

In an effort to challenge and push these boundaries The Lost Tribe for the first time placed a plus size model on their runway for band launch. This sent waves through the industry being one of the family of Tribe bands which is the biggest name in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Mas. The Lost Tribe went on further to create a campaign focused on highlighting that carnival is for everybawdy called #MyCarnival. By everybody, they spoke to the hearts of the young and old of all races and ethnicities, true to our nation's motto "Every creed and Race find and equal place."

So in Celebration of curves, in celebration of the thick thighs that save lives and in celebration of every woman who has a little extra junk in the trunk we proudly show off the plus size women who did Trinidad and Tobago carnival right. 

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